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ROMAND Better Than Eyes [10 Color To Choose]

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ROMAND ROM&ND Better Than Eyes 6.5g

An eye shadow quad that makes your eyes pop
Better Than Eyes contains 4 glitter and matte shades inspired by the color of dried flowers allowing you to create everyday to glam eye makeup. It's made with ultra fine particles that deliver even color payoff; its silky texture conceals fine lines without caking; and its oil-blotting formula helps control sebum for a clean look that lasts all day.

✔ Original
#01 DRY MANGO TULIP : Pink coral color like the one from dried mango tulip flower (1) Soft coral : Base color of gentle skin tone
(2) Romantic tulip : The pink coral color of matte point color is just like the one from well-dried mango tulip flower
(3) Tulip perfume : The coral-colored light feeling with moist milky way pearl glitter
(4) Mango tulip garden : coral brown color helps bring ethereally deep feeling to your eyes

#02 DRY ROSE : Cool feeling from dried roses of indi pink color
(1) Soft pink : Cool indi pink beige color
(2) Rosy pink : Cool feeling from dried roses of indi pink matte point color
(3) Rose filter : Calming pink tone of moist milky way pearl glitter
(4) Rose seed : Deep and chic shaded color is added by a drop of rose light to the dark brown

#03 DRY RAGRAS : Smooth brown color just like Ragras
(1) Soft brown : Soft beige brown of base color
(2) Gently brown : Smooth brown which is not too red or not too yellow of matte point color
(3) Shining Ragras : Soft brown tone of moist milky way pearl glitter
(4) Dry seed : Deeply shaded dark brown color

✔ Music Series
#M01 DRY APPLE BLOSSOM : Just like rising up from the apple field, the soft red orange color
(1) Soft apple : The tone-downed nude beige color that gives a natural shade
(2) Apple garden : Just like a ripen apple, the soft red orange matte point color
(3) Apple road : Remind of the white apple flower, transparent moist milky pearl crystal (4) Apple browning : Naturally give more depth - orange brown color

#M02 DRY BUCKWHEAT FLOWER : As cool as buckwheat flower, the brown gray color without any red
(1) Soft wheat : Skin tone base color that lighten up eyes surrounding area
(2) Good gray : Just like well-dried buckwheat, the gray matte point color
(3) Shiny buckwheat : Soft(or delicate) gray light-moist milky pearl glitter
(4) Dark gray : One drop of brown color into dark gray - more deep shade color

#M03 DRY COSMOS : The pink brown color that dyed autumn sunset sky with red
(1) Soft petal : Soft pink beige color
(2) Pink flower : Not burdensome, totally calm - pink brown matte point color
(3) Aura cosmos : Contain pink and gold color, give off a subtle glow - moist milky pearl crystal
(4) Burn cosmos : Softly add more shading - dark pink brown shade color

✔ Milk Series
(1) Soft lavender
(2) Lavender milk
(3) Twinkle purple
(4) Purple brown

(1) Soft peach
(2) Peach milk
(3) Twinkle peach
(4) Peach brown

✔ Our Own Summer Pink Collection
#W03 Dry Strawberry
(1) Soft berry : Milky pink beige color
(2) Strawberry milk : Milky matte point color for cool summer skin tone
(3) Shine pink : Refreshingly shiny pink pearl glitter
(4) Deep strawberry : Pink brown color for soft shading

✔ Hanbok project
# N01 Dry Willow Flower
# N02 Dry Violet

Apply product directly onto your eyelid using a blending brush then with your finger, gently pat to prevent fallout.


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