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ROMAND Blur Fudge Tint [16 Color To Choose]

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ROMAND ROM&ND Blur Fudge Tint

[rom&nd X minsco]
Fudge spreading on your lips.
Matte gradation that smudges easily and smoothly.
It spreads out without clumping, and the fudge spreads out easily.
It's a complete matte finish without any glow Finish with getting blurry the more you spread it.

Rom&XMinsco collaborates with real chemistry to reveal the warm and cool colors of lip tints. We wanted to make it like this!

★Misco Pick★ - Warm Tone
I wanted to make a soft coral color that isn't too pinky or yellowish. If it's a soft coral color with a matte texture, We thought it would come out with a daily color that anyone would want to use it? We tried, and it came out!

★Misco Pick★ - Cool Tone
There are many warm and pretty rose colors. My goal was to make a cool rose color. A cool pink rose that doesn't have much purple. Brightened up your complexion and complete daily cool tone!

#01 POMELOCO -  It's soft and warm coral that gives you good complexion.
#02 ROSIENTAL - It's slightly toned down and rose-colored mlbb with mood.
#03 MUSKY - Orange brick color with a reddish color.
#04 RADWOOD - Deep and alluring wood brown.
#05 BIBI CANDY Pure - pink that resembles a vivid candy.
#06 MAUVISH - The standard of mauve with full of grayish color
#07 COOL ROSE UP - A refreshing plum rose that focuses on your lips.
#08 CURRANT JAM - vivid and dark currant berry red.
#12 WARMING UP - Soft nude peach shade perfect for covering up dark lip line
#13 COOLING UP - Lovely nude pink shade perfect for everyday look
#14 UNROSE - Rosy coral shade that will brighten up your complexion
#15 BERRY FIZZ - Lovely berry pink shade with a hint of plum berry
#16 UNDER CHILI - Vivid orange red shade for deep romantic look

It's a fudge texture that doesn't go around and sticks tightly.
Not smudge even wearing a mask.
Daily Proof that reduces inconvenience in your daily life.
Long wearing lip tint that adheres to your lip longer.
*There may be individual differences.

As a butter knife that applies jam to bumpy bread, Spread it with a spatula tip by pressing down the dead skin cells and wrinkles.
*Spatula tip.
A flat applicator adheres to the lips and can be spread evenly without clumping.

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