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  • Evercell products are not a medication, and we can only make recommendations for suitability of our products in certain skin ailments & conditions. Any recommendations accepted by a purchaser are accepted entirely at the purchaser's risk.

  • As everyone has different skin, body and health conditions which may react to an allergen at any given time, any product could cause a negative skin reaction or react differently to various ingredients. Please read our ingredients listed in every product description before purchasing or using our products to make sure you are not allergic to any ingredients that are in our products. Before using any of our products, do a patch test. 
    • Patch testing is a method of testing a new skincare product or a new skincare ingredient to see if it will work for your unique skin. Apply a small amount of new product to clean skin inside the elbow or behind the ear. Cover and leave for 24 hours. 

  • If you are dissatisfied with our product, please contact us to discuss return and refund if applicable. Full product refund will be made when you have shown the picture proof, receipt and consult one of our customer service representatives about any skin irritation or allergic reaction to your skin which may occur from using any of our products. On top of that, if you have a serious allergic reaction and need to seek a doctor because of our products, we will only be responsible for half of the value of purchase as medical compensation, receipts and doctor letters need to be provided in order to claim the compensation. (For example, if a customer purchases a total value of RM600, the medical compensation will be RM300, half of the total value purchase that customer had made.)

  • We will not refund if, for example, the product simply disagrees with your skin or you decide after purchase that you do not like it. Please follow product's storage instructions carefully. Evercell is not liable for any individual reaction caused by a spoiled, destroyed or defective product due to being improperly stored while in customer's possession.