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#25 Cinnamon Nude

Very pretty warm tone color !!! Definitely will buy again 😆✨

I REALLY LOVE IT!!!for sure will repeat this product and try another shade. do they have brown color? maybe. will check again. the color turns great and not drying my lips

Love the colors. The smell is really good

Best nail polish

Super easy to use, even for beginners. Smooth application, and nice jelly-like semi-transparent colours that you can do multiple layers for different looks.

Mmg tak menyesal la beli, bibir saya jenis kering, bulan puase pulak kan, guna lipgloss dr peripera mmg best, lembab dan kenyal je bibir🥰🥰

Amazing luxe cell charger

Very satisfied with product. Simple to use and yields effective result.

Sleek packaging

I was recommended this product by a friend as she felt that the product was cooling on her skin. However I didn't feel it but I still ended up liking how sleek it looks.

I am not sure about the powder as when I used it with the cushion, I could feel my skin getting dry. It definitely sets my makeup well but at the same time it can be a little drying after a while.

At the end of the day it clumps my makeup which I feel could have been because of my skincare base, so I will need to try it one more time with a better base.

Soothing and Comfortable

My first time trying a Clio Cushion and honestly it felt comfortable on the skin. The coverage was good and my makeup lasted quite well. It does take a while to set so I think a good base is important as the cushion may slide around.

I have some troubles with it sliding around my nose area and after a long day I can see a bit of the product sliding on oily areas. There was actually not much product transfer on the mask which was surprising as because it felt quite glowy and hydrating I thought my mask would be full of product.

All in all, I love my experience with this cushion and will definitely repurchase it again or try another clio cushion!

SKIN1004 Madagascar Centella Ampoule 30ml/50ml/100ml (Cruelty-Free) [Clearance - Short Expiry]
Snow Chan
The date still long enough

Fast delivery, the product i received still have expiry date for more than 6 months. Will repurchase again once i finished.

Love the texture

I buy acorn brown the colour so nice and very soft!

The prettiest eye pallet

I’m so I love with all the beautiful shades in this pallet. They’re not so pigmented because this these mostly are highlighters but the glitters is so easy to apply and stays long on your eyes

A lipgloss that stay

I love how this lip gloss stay on lips for a long time even though I drink or eat , the product still stay and only need minimal top up.

Does its job!

The ROMAND ROM&ND Han All Brow Fixer does exactly what its name says - fixes brows. I wore it to a wedding and my brows stayed tidy despite sitting in front of a fan. However, if I sweat too much, the gel(?) does clump and show on my brow.

SKIN1004 Madagascar Centella Ampoule 30ml/50ml/100ml (Cruelty-Free) [Clearance - Short Expiry]
Anis Syuhada

great, fast delivery. but i wish they wrap it with bubble wrap

ROMAND Zero Matte Lipstick [23 Color To Choose]
Macy Lee

Good Lipstick, i love so much❤️

excellent product

after using almost 1st week, i can feel that my skin is brighter & tighter and glow in my face


nice and feel refreshing after cleansing the face

The colour is nice and beautiful. Unfortunately a bit problem on the brush.


very good and absorb well omggg

Not a fan of GLOSSY but this worth it !

Tried and 🥰🥰🥰 !
☑️ My lip feel hydrated, plumpy, moist! And doesn't feel sticky with a long lasting effect 💕💕💕 👍👍👍

Love the packaging too coz I can stick all the cute stickers on the case. 💖

Awesome Product

It really can reduce the dark spot and scar color, more moisture for dry skin

SKIN1004 Bloody Peel (Zombie Beauty)
Norshielawati Mohd Shibi

The soft peel effect leaves my skin feeling freshly exfoliated

I love how the SKIN1004 Madagascar Centella Cream doesn't feel like a cream at all. It's really light on the skin and my skin is quick to absorb them. There is zero sign of stickiness, it doesn't look or feel greasy at all.

ROMAND Zero Matte Lipstick [23 Color To Choose]
Miza M
Pretty Pink Sand

Love, loveeee the colour. The colour I've been looking for. Matte finish and does not smudge on mask.