K-Gaya Aidilfitri

Just wanted to express my deep gratitude for all the dedicated work....
To Our organiser, principles, performing artists, celebrities, kols, minamz boyz, dj, make up, nail and hair guru.....and our biggest h&b partner
, special thanks to managing director
Caryn Loh
Also my abc team, u guys the best 💕💕💕
Cythia Chong
Eva Tan
Caren Siau Wei Min
Shannen Chong
Keh Li
Amy Lyna
K-Gaya Aidilfitri virtual launch, dancing and singing performance, make up, hair styling and nail presentation,all happening in an event
Special thanks to :
Organiser - Mr CP Saw, Founder of Beauty Online Trade Show and the team
Gary Chai
Edmond Saw
Ken Chot
VIPs from Korea - Mr Henry Shin, Deputy General Global Business Team for Clio Cosmetic &
Ms Hellen Choo
Hellen Choo
, CEO & Founder of Swagger
Dashing diva, international manager Ms cindy
Great performers - Asyraf Nasir & Raja Komen @Erul Sarma, Abc minamz boyz and our dj
April Tang
Presenters –
Steven Sunny
, Eva Tan , Simon Siow & Ethan Lin
KOLs & Celebrities –Syed shafiq, Izzendra, Daniel Khuzairi & Sera
And our special guest watson trading director,
Thoren Tan
Thanks to all for making abc's K-Gaya Aidilfitri Online launch a memorable and successful event ♥️

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