MISS GORGEOUS Round Makeup Sponge Black
MISS GORGEOUS Round Makeup Sponge Black


MISS GORGEOUS Round Makeup Sponge Black

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Multi-functional non-latex humanoid makeup sponge. Designed with ergonomics to fit the contours of the face, it has the dual effect of full face makeup and partial modify, while the round handle gives it a more stable grip than a regular makeup sponge.

1. Make-up without dead ends: the top ball can be squeezed by hand and can take care of the contours of the nose and other corners to repair with high-gloss shadows; the bottom is used for makeup on the cheeks and forehead area

2. High-quality hydrophilic polyurethane, delicate touch, soft Q bomb, suitable for a variety of skin types

3. Dry and wet are available, outstanding makeup: dry use does not fall off, suitable for blush, powder, loose powder, repair powder, eye shadow; wet when encountering water becomes bigger, makeup feels clear, suitable for liquid products such as BB cream, liquid foundation, barrier cream and air cushion blush

4. According to the unique shape of ergonomic design, comfortable and stable, not easy to slip, can be placed on the table smoothly, to avoid rolling around the bacteria and dirt.