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[BEST BUY] MEFACTORY Super Deep Foam Cleanser

[BEST BUY] MEFACTORY Super Deep Foam Cleanser

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Remove skin waste with dense foam! Fresh finishing!
Super Deep Foam Cleanser has crisp and fresh finishing touch that strongly adsorbs wastes in pore with French pink clay ingredient and cleanses skin softly with rich foams.

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1. Wet your face with water. 2. Apply foam cleaser into the palms of your hands. 3. Rub hands together with water to make bubble. 4. Apply the bubble to your face by rubbing your hands on your entire face 5. Wash off the cleanser thoroughly with warm water.

1.Discontinue use immediately and consult a dermatologist, if you experience the following: 1) Irritaion, Red spots, itchy skin or rash 2) Applied skin area has the above reaction from direct sun.
2.Do not use on irritated skin, cuts, or other infected skin area.
3. Avoid contact with eyes.