[CLEARANCE] XOUL Miracle Stone [EXP: 08/2021]


[CLEARANCE] XOUL Miracle Stone [EXP: 08/2021]

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Xoul Miracle Stone
Experience the miracle stone of Xoul, a clear and refreshing resin ingredient that is secreted in the treatment of Human Epithelial Cell Conditioned Media Extracts and Aquilaria Agallocha Water.

Rich Moisturisation
This alkali soap with high cleaning power contains ingredients that increase the moisture content, so you can feel smooth without dryness after use.

Detergents from Natural Ingredients
Using natural cleansing ingredients such as stearic acid and lauric acid, which stimulates the skin with less irritation and a mild foam

How to use

Before using this soap, please wash your hand clearly.
Scrubbing the hands with Xoul Miracle Stone, making bubbles enough.
After washing bubbles with water,please clean your skin with Xoul Mist,
Finishing the Skin Care with skin care set, which is suitable to your skin after washing your face with Xoul Miracle Stone.