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Whether it is nose repair or cheek repair, it is recommended to use a beveled brush. The beveled brush will work better and it is easier to get started. When using the repair brush, pay attention to the first pen to fall on the outside, from the outside to the inside. Because the amount of powder on the brush is the most, often the first stroke will be heavier.

The repair of the nose extends from the eyelids to the sides of the nose. Brushing the middle of the nose will make the nose look taller, but not too heavy. Two strokes on both sides of the nose can reduce the nose and make the nose look more delicate.

The most obvious part of the face repair is the under the cheekbone, bloom from the outside of the cheeks to the inner and then extended to the chin line, the hair line is also slightly modified, visually able to reduce the face a circle and no exaggeration at all.


How to Clean?

1. Do not rub the brush hard.

2. Do not soak it in water.

3. After cleaning, pour off the water and dry it naturally.


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