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[BEST BUY] Peripera Ink Moist 004 Bang Rose (AD)

[BEST BUY] Peripera Ink Moist 004 Bang Rose (AD)

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Fixing makeup? Not me! Ink-lasting, all day long.
Peri's INK Moisture.
More moist and radiant than ever before.
What's Peri's INK Moisture?.

- Vivid Colors!.
- Enhanced moisture.
- More definitive.
- Dewy Glow.
- Long-lasting.

Still have to fix your makeup? Mine lasts all day with Ink-lasting.
Moisture feels heavy? Mine feels light with Refreshing colors.
Create attractive dewy lips with Watery moisture glow.

Amazingly colorful just like Peri's Ink, with lasting vivid colors that will blow away all your makeup worries for paties, trips, and those special girls' night out!.