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Peripera Ink Gelato (Dal Dal Factory) #06 Watermelon Pink

Peripera Ink Gelato (Dal Dal Factory) #06 Watermelon Pink

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Soft Gelato Tint Gently Melts and Colors Lips!

1. Softly Melts~(First Feeling)

A new formula that is softly applied to lips like gelato. Unique features of Ink The Gelato (new technology applied)

2. Gently Spreading Gradient(Spreadability)

It gently spreads a gradient on lips in any way you apply, including rubbing or smudging. Smooth gradient without dryness (advantages of lacquer tint applied)

3. Melts and Colors Lips!(Benefits)

Immediately melts onto lips for a light and comfortable feeling! It doesn't smear and feels natural. Light feeling like your own lips (advantages of water tint applied)

4. Ink-lasting without Smearing

Color and moisture melt onto your lips. Ink-lasting (advantages of Ink line applied)