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Goodal Natural Essence Ampoule Mask - Nourishment Camellia (5Pc)

Goodal Natural Essence Ampoule Mask - Nourishment Camellia (5Pc)

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- 100% eco-friendly bamboo sheet? 100% bamboo fabric made by harvesting bamboo, drying it for a long time, and grinding it.
- Bamboo can grow on its own.
- Bamboo defends against bacteria.
- Bamboo returns to mother nature.
- GOODAL bamboo sheet comes from nature and returns to nature.

Mildly moisturizes and softens with 100% eco-friendly bamboo sheet. GOODAL Mild Mask (10 types).
1. Mild Sheet.
Soft and comfortable adhesion with 100% eco-friendly bamboo sheet : Feels silky smooth with pollution-free bamboo! With the natural antibacterial effect of botanical bamboo sheet fiber, it defends against harmful substances. Its silky smooth sheet feels comfortable and mild without any roughness.
2. Mild Water.
Mild on sensitive skin every day with milder water through 7-step purification system : Mild and clean water through a 7-step purification system that can be used in wet tissues for newborn babies! With milder water excluding all harmful ingredients, it can be safely used on sensitive skin every day.
3. Korean Nature.
Delivers fresh nature to skin with FRESH LOCK technology : 3-step fresh lock technology secures the efficacy of fresh nature and delivers it to skin.

GOODAL Mild Mask is recommended for :.
- Customers who care about the adhesion and soft texture of a sheet.
- Customers with sensitive skin who are reluctant to use a mask pack every day.
- Customers who want to feel the fresh efficacy of Korean nature.

Recommendation Points of GOODAL Mild Mask.
- 100% eco-friendly and botanical bamboo sheet.
- No irritation with milder water and milder honey.
- Fresh Lock technology containing the efficacy of Korean nature.
- Mask for each skin condition.